One of kingsblues┬┤ critical tasks is to implement complete steel plants and machinery from different manufacturers into one unified database. Each OEM (original equipment manufacturer) uses individual cataloguing and numbering systems for drawings, BOMs (bill of materials) and documentation. kingsblue developed an algorithm to take care of all necessary data and is able to digitalize and transform it into a single standardized database structure.


kingsblue provides a complete set of tools to digitalize and organize the documentation of steel plants and other heavy machinery industries. The kingsblue Plant Management Platform (PMP and PMP Pro) is an intuitive application for visualizing the as-built documentation. In addition, PMP Pro gives access to all necessary information for the plants┬┤ routine maintenance.


kingsblue provides different areas of consulting that support companies to optimize data management, plant availability and cost structures. kingsblue promotes the transformation into the INDUSTRY 4.0 processes.

About kingsblue

kingsblues┬┤ employees worked for over twenty years in the steel industry. Our experience is based on supply and production management.