Data is king -

kingsblue is clean data

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kingsblue PMP - your step 'zero' into digitalization.


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Drawings, parts lists and other technical documents form the basis for successful plant management, but far too often they are difficult to access or outdated.

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Data is king -

kingsblue is clean data

Data is the lubricant, that keeps your plant running smoothly. The Plant Management Platform (PMP) by kingblue allows you to digitalize, retrieve, analyze, and maintain the thousands of datasets connected to your parts - in one place at your fingertips.

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OPEX down - reduce your stock with SSR

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Plant Management Platform (PMP)

Visualization of technical documents and intuitive navigation through the plant and machine structure

Handling inconsistent data can be a time-consuming and tedious task. kingsblue offers a flawless integration of all your heavy machinery information such as drawings, parts lists and technical documentations into one database. kingsblue guarantees a unified user interface - everything in one place - quick and easy to use.


Clean data offers you faster search results, helps to reduce operational costs and will increase your plant availability.

Reduced searching time

Find each part of your plant within minutes instead of hours and process all data without misunderstandings.

Inventory reduction

Use the SSR algorithm to identify potential savings in spare parts inventory - up to 20% can be achieved without additional risk.

Additional plant availability

Gain 2-3% plant availability due to radical reduced searching time for parts during breakdown.
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Reduce operating costs


The unused retention time of stock parts is between 12 months and 5 years. With PMP and its extended functions, we promote a reduction of inventory by up to 20%.

Increase the availability of machines and plants

200 Stunden

In the event of unexpected downtimes time-consuming parts and documentation research adds up to 200 hours per year. PMP is the right tool set to reduce such delays to a minimum and maximize plant operation time.

Save time looking up parts and documents


It takes maintenance personnel up to 50 minutes on average to clearly identify individual parts of a complex machine within OEM drawings and parts lists. Supported by PMP, the average search effort is reduced by 90% to a few minutes. The time saved is particularly valuable when eliminating unplanned machine downtimes and avoids production losses.

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Data transformation service

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What our clients say

The PMP solution effectively reduces the cost of spare parts inventory.

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Switching between English and Chinese language is very convenient for our field service personnel - the software is very fast!


The time required for part identification and further processing in our ERP system is reduced very much by PMP software.

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